Leadership Development

Program provides insight into the habits of leaders and the necessary characteristics needed to exhibit leadership within the classroom, sports arena and life. Leadership development is provided to student athletes and coaches in separate forums. Discusses the toll certain behavior places on the coach and teammates. Provides information pertaining to building a culture geared toward reaching one's leadership potential.
Sport Acumen

Addresses how to make good sports decisions based upon an understanding of the game. Designed to increase athletes' knowledge in their chosen sport and slow the game down thereby improving performance. Game understanding and respect for the game continues to move down the priority list during the initial exposure of various sports to young athletes. Learning how to make good decisions within and out of the sports arena is essential.
Specialized Instruction

Training consists of skills needed to be successful in a chosen sport. Form and technique, the athletes mindset, sport terminology, nomenclature and more is stressed during these sessions. This instruction evolves into advanced training consisting of specific position training. Early on it is difficult to determine the position a student-athlete will eventually play or what event in which they may excel. Training should be provided to prepare the athlete to excel regardless of their evential position or event.
Agility Training

Designed and facilitated by an associate through E-UP referral process. We match the athlete/family with the appropriate associate.  Addresses injury prevention, speed, quick twitch, power, endurance, mobility, etc. Researched referral process.  
Next Level Academic Preparedness

Designed for middle school and high school student-athletes and their parents to assist athletes and parents regarding an academic plan for student-athletes collegiate preparedness.  Entails consultation based upon Evidenced Based Practices.
Parental Education

Designed to provide parents with factual information and advise regarding an athletic and academic plan specifically for their student athlete. Subjects discussed consists of sports training needs, injury prevention referrals, college prep, recruitment considerations, organization and association selection and more.
Coaches Program

Designed to educate coaches on best communications practices. How to develop practice plans. Developing and understanding their individual coaching styles. How to get your athlete to compete. Team building and developing chemistry. How to recognize and develop team leaders. How to establish a culture for your team and how to get your team leaders to assist in establishing the culture. A three-level coaches program designed to enhance coaching skills regardless of level coached.
Video/Film Evaluation

Video and film offered by request.

Evaluation and assessment consists of sport skill evaluation, athletic evaluation (speed, quickness, movement, individual sport knowledge). Consultation regarding player placement and level most inclined to expedite player growth rather than hindering growth.