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We want to help you find success......"join the family"

Proud partners with the following local schools and organizations in providing the Leadership Development Academy, Parent Education and Coaches Program:

  • Marvin Ridge High School                                           
  • Marvin Ridge Middle School
  • East Meck High School 
  • Butler High School 
  • Peak Volleyball
  • Carolina Courts
  • Attack 365
  • Matthews Athletic and Recreation Association (MARA)
  • ​Team Carolina

Why Us?
At Equilibrium UP our Associates are Managing Consultants for student athletes and their families. Families seek financial advisers and other experts to assist in securing their financial future. E-UP experienced staff assist in securing the future of the student athlete by advising parents and student athletes regarding sports training, academics and recruitment while emphasizing a balanced approach for their families...

  • At Equilibrium UP we use a holistic approach while providing for ones athletic goals. We are faith and family centered in our approach.
  • Equilibrium UP is focused on the education and training of everyone involved in the overall success of the athlete.
  • Our associates are experienced, dedicated, and passionate about the success of each athlete.
  • Our staff and associates are more than educators and trainers, we are mentors and role models leading by example.
  • Our training is not based upon clinics or camps alone but process. Our experience has shown that success is a process and our philosophy and techniques are based upon that premise. 
  • Equilibrium UP was created to educate, train, inform, and provide comfort to the athlete and his or her family regarding the best path for success.
  • Real results and return on investment. Through analytics (research and data) and Evidence Based Practices (known successes), we take the guess work out of the process.
  • Interactive engaging programs and training with student-athletes, parents and coaches. Team, group and individual skills development, Leadership, sport knowledge and more...    

Origin of E-UP

Simply stated, we want to help you. Our passion and desire is to help every young athlete navigate their chosen path. Develop your game, contact us today... 



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